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The weekly rant blog

my first rant....socks!!!

OK ..so as a mother of 4[two have flown the nest] there are a lot of socks in this house,also there is me,my partner and my mum living here! That is a lot of socks but WHY OH WHY can we only find odd socks? In fact we were wearing odd socks before it was the fashion,life is far too short to find and match socks if you ask me. Also why is it that socks just get abandoned like little stink bombs all over the house... i swear every room in this house will have at least one sock hiding somewhere...sigh...and i can tell you now if there are two they won't be a pair..oh no,they will be scattered elsewhere. Now i went through a stage where i would run around and pick up these little stink bombs but not anymore...i now leave them to see how long it will take for 'somebody' else to pick them up and put them in the washing.....it takes an age and mostly i give in and remove them before they become attached to the carpet! 

Then there is the other thing ...when they finally get into the washing machine...where do they all go...if you put in 3 pairs ...you get 2 and a half pairs back out! Is it a washing machine monster that needs to feed? or  do they just get stuck in the drum?...who knows...it's a mystery of a mothers life i guess.

Do you find the sock monster has eaten your socks?..or do you think he is in there somewhere sitting on a lovely cosy nest of rainbow coloured socks? maybe i should make a sock monster for the shelf in the laundry room...that would be funny.[yep little things amuse me haha]

On the subject of socks,i have recently started a 'knit 10 pairs of socks' challenge with myself. I am not a great knitter and i am learning as i go. So far i have 2 and a half pairs knitted...haha...see i dont have 3 pairs yet....lol..pairs seem to elude me...i am determined to keep them from the sock monster though and will skin him alive and make a handbag if he even dares to eat my lovingly knitted soft and cosy socks!!! You have been warned Mr sock monster!!!

OK so thats my rant for the week....do i feel better? a little bit. Do i think there will be socks to pick up in the morning?? yup...a mothers life is never dull.

Speak Soon

N xxx

Natasha Smith