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Back to school blues.

Hello everyone, this weeks rant is about the children heading back to school.By now most of the children will be back at school....well done for managing to cope with them for the whole of the summer....high fives and gin all round..haha. Only kidding ,i actually love having the tribe home and really miss them when they go back. Am i the only weirdo out there who feels this way?

Anyway, the rant this week comes in the form of the predictable back to school bug... hands up who has it already? My children don't but i do, how the beeep did that happen? 

This is not really a rant but a cry for help...how can we avoid all the bugs, anyone have the answers? maybe just cling wrap them in the morning and strip it off when they get home...oh and a mask like they wear in Japan would be a good new must have trendy thing to wear...haha...my daughters wouldn't agree with that.

I do wonder what the answer is to all these bugs though.

Answers on a postcard please....well ,actually just comment below..haha.

Until the next rant,

Speak soon x

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