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The cost of living!

Hi guys ,just a very short rant from me today....but its an ongoing one. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the price of food has gone way up lately. I hear people on the news state its because of leaving the EU soon but really?? I have noticed it going up for a long time now. There are tv programmes and books dedicated to reducing your outgoings on food and how to reduce your spend but i have always made from scratch and bought the cheaper stuff....so what now? i bought a book called economy gastronomy and its actually really good....it has recipes to turn one mean into another dinner and then from that a lunch....for example...roast chicken...turns into curry which then turns into spicy risotto. I've tried all the recipes and they all work well although it still isn't reducing my weekly spend. Living in Shetland makes it dearer too i think because we only have a Tesco and a Co-op as our main shops,i would love a farm foods here. I shopped in one for the first time when i was south in July and OMG...so so cheap,i was stunned by the cheapness at the till. I guess that's one of the downsides to living here,along with the most expensive petrol in the whole of the UK but that's a rant for another time!!

speak soon xx

Natasha Smith2 Comments