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Waiting....and waiting...and waiting!!!

OK so this weeks rant is about waiting for deliveries...argh!!!

I moved to Shetland before the one day delivery thing had exploded,when you actually had to go to a shop for your milk and when you ordered online it would take a week and you would be happy to wait. While the rest of the country has moved on it seems that Shetland has stood still or even gone backwards. 

For example,i have recently had to buy a new cement mixer for hubby...it stated 2 day delivery so because we are here you would assume that it would take an extra day to get over via boat...even add another day to get from Lerwick [the main town] to where i live....nope,thanks to tracking it came to Shetland via Newcastle..then Dublin in Ireland[what???] and back to Newcastle and on to Aberdeen where it hopped on the ferry and got to us....this took two weeks!! It's laughable i know, but how frustrating is it to see the thing pinging around the country on the tracker. I often wonder if it would be better if we couldn't see where our parcels went on their little holidays before they finally decided to come home to us.

Tracking in itself is not too bad really unless you live here because..well, you are kept guessing as to where the local hub is. This could be many things,Inverness,Aberdeen or in fact within Shetland itself...who knows! I do wish that the tracking system would just list Shetland as a destination, It would make it far easier to track it down yourself that way.

Overall i think living on a small island has taught me a few things, one of which is to have patience[it's so hard!!] and also be organized if at all possible because although our town has most things if you want a bargain price or a certain spec you need to shop online. I am already getting things organized for Christmas because as the postal service gets busier ,the longer you seem to wait[it feels that way in any case]

So while all you guys down south are doing your amazon prime orders and moaning that it wasn't there in a day or within the hour[that's just amazing] think of us up here in Shetland who in general are still stalking the postie a week or so later.I do need to mention that i do pay for Amazon prime[haha..i know,i know] but its because they send things out via royal mail and it does get here in 3 to 4 days which is amazing...if anything ever comes via Hermes i would be waiting a couple of weeks or more..they are useless for me.

The mad thing is i have posted something on royal mail next day delivery from Lerwick and it has actually got there the very next day so it can be done....maybe that makes it all the more frustrating

Anyway,that's my rant for this week, whats your postal service like where you live? Does your tracking work well? are you like me and stalk the postie for your parcels? Let me know in the comments. If you have any ideas for my weekly rant topics feel free to comment them and lets rant together..I'm sure we will all feel better afterwards

Speak Soon xx

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