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School Summer Holiday Envy.

HI guys, so this weeks rant is really for those who have to try and entertain the children over the summer holidays. We went on a UK holiday in a caravan[well 2 caravans and my sons flat] over three weeks,It was splendid but left me with 3 more weeks to fill with fun. This hasn't happened as we were so worn out for said three weeks away it was nice to chill out at home. They have a week left and i have nothing else planned to entertain them and they seem totally fine with being left to do what they do[i have  12 and 15 yr old girls at home] I must admit i am feeling a tad guilty about it and seeing everyone else over social media having days out isn't helping

This got me thinking about when i was a child. I was bought up with just a mum and although we had an annual holiday in a bed and breakfast[over a sweetie shop] for a week in Margate the rest of the holidays were spent with a paddling pool and thousands of ice pops consumed!!. There was less pressure to be seen to do things with the children i think. We would spend hours..no..more like days on our bikes or roller skates and when we heard the ice cream man if there was no money we were sent to the freezer for an ice pop or if we were really lucky there was a choc ice to he had. Now we are constantly bombarded with images of the perfect family having yet another day or week away somewhere, i too am guilty of posting my holiday snaps online to share with friends and family.....So my rant is this....why do we feel the need to share every second of our lives online?? lets actually think about those kids and parents who spend the whole six weeks struggling to feed the kids,let alone entertain them on days out...that shits expensive!! For us parents all i can say is i have so many amazing memories of being with the kids who lived on my street playing knock down ginger[whoops and sorry..haha] and other silly games...it never hurt me any and i'm sure my kids will cope with having a few weeks of entertaining themselves!! Lets give ourselves a break from the guilt...we have enough to worry about.

speak soon

N xx