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World of wool

hi guys,

I have used World of wool for most of my lovely fluff for years now. They have a huge range and its of consistent quality.

The best thing i feel about using this company is their discount scheme...the more you spend,the more you save...it goes up in 5% increments ...the down side to this is that its really easy to get sucked into spending more than you really needed to to get to the next % spend bracket. Trust me its so easily done but , lets face it you can never have too much fluff to felt with! 

They have a huge range of different breeds of fleece so its really fun to buy something new and experiment with different textures.

They sell lots of different things to do with felting ,spinning and dying along with lots of bits and pieces you didn't even think you needed..haha

The one product i would stay away from that i have bought would be the curly locks....yes they come in lots of colours and yes its enticing  but they are not really the high quality locks i use for my felting..even my little sheep that i make have lovely good quality curly locks....the world of wool ones are just a matt of roving with a few little curls and practically useless for what i want...i guess they would be ok to add a little texture to spinning [although i don't spin] or flat felting. Sadly they are not for me as i would love to have a regular supply of all those wonderful colours.

Over all i am more than happy with the product and the service they provide and i will be using them for the foreseeable future for most of my felting needs.


Natasha SmithComment