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The big C word.

Hello everyone,

It may have come to some of your attention that the big C is on its way. There is no way to stop Christmas[there,i’ve said it] turning up and when you have children its exciting and feared in equal measure.

How many of us dread the expense? Hands up those who are panicking a bit about how they will afford to buy everything on the little ones lists? I know i am even though my youngest is 12 now and the magic of Christmas isn’t there anymore so there should be less pressure.

The thing is my kids really don’t ask for much so why do i feel the need to buy up everything and more … i worry that the pile under the tree won’t look like much but its a losing battle really as everything gets smaller as they get older…tech is teeny but costs a fortune….clothes become branded and is silly money…something i just don’t agree with and thankfully none of my kids have really been that bothered by branded clothes on the whole[phew]

As far as my crafts go i should really be making things for Christmas sales in August….haha…but i didn’t so now i am trying so hard to get everything sorted out ready for the mad Christmas rush…my fingers are really sore but hopefully i will be ready.

This year i am focusing on making things for the Shetland arts and crafts big 3 day craft fair in November. I have been once before 3 years ago where i did really well and managed to told it together long enough not to have a mini meltdown… OK so i did have a few jitters but on the whole i managed with the support of 2 friends and of course my long suffering amazing partner.

This time around i know the layout, my surroundings and generally how busy its going to be so i can start to visualize everything and try and get use to it a bit. for those of you reading[thanks so much] that don’t know i have very bad anxiety when it comes to mixing with folk and generally being out of my own house so for me success won’t me measured in sales but in the way i handle being there and coping with the run up to it. Fingers and toes are all crossed praying that i manage to get there, set up and stay the course.

How many of you who craft sell your wares over Christmas? and do you start early or like me, leave it until the very last minute. Something else that’s going to be left this year is the gift shopping. As well as scaling everything down i am going to do most of my shopping at the end of November ,i might even pluck up the guts to go away to Aberdeen and shop the high street….then again i will more than likely be sitting in a cosy house shopping online and praying to all the gods that the postal service will be kind to me. we shall see what happens…either way this year we have decided to just buy for those of us who are around the tree this year… no stress and less expense. Christmas shouldn’t be about tons of gifts, its about being with family and stuffing your face with quality street…haha.

speak soon

N xxx

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