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Weather and wheelie bins!!

…and so the weather is changing, i love the colder windy weather but not when we have only just got the supplies to do a concrete base on my new craft shed!! I would like some fine dry less windy weather so that my other half and i don’t get blown into the lock behind our house. I have to say i am so excited to be able to get all my craft supplies together and be able to leave work out on the table for the next day. Right now i am having to work at the dining table or in a chair and everything has to be put away for dinner time or bedtime etc and its driving me mad. I am currently getting ready for a craft fair and i need some space to lay out what i have made already and to tag it and log i so i know what i am doing. Hubby says give him a month….i say it will be next year due to the weather putting a stop to things. Well i have waited years for this so i guess a few more months won’t hurt. In the meantime i am dreaming of craft shed interiors and what it will look like. I would love to know what your must haves are in your craft spaces. Pinterest has so so many ideas but i would need a whole house to use all the ones i have pinned so far haha… Did you know i was on pinterest? Why not head over and have a look at my pins… honestly there are so many. Who else gets lost there, i swear there is a vortex that sucks you in and keeps you there for hours on end…. i look at so many amazing things that i will never make or do but ya know…its the thought that counts.

The good news is the new wheelie bins stayed put and we didn’t have to rescue them from the croft or loch, thankfully there was no damage for us this time but seeing as its only the first storm of the season i wont hold my breath. I would like to put in a weather request for the second weekend in November please….nice and calm so i can get in and out of the isle for a craft fair weekend i am attending…who do you put your request in to? the weather gods? ..the powers that be…the big boss….who the hell knows….i shall be praying to all the gods that we get a few days of calm then anyway.

I’m sitting i the warm looking out of the new patio windows at my better half who is being blown about with a wheelbarrow…poor bloke, he works hard for me and i don’t deserve him…maybe i will get my shed up [a little bit better than a shed tbh] in a month…we will see.

speak soon

N xx

PS: Just for fun the image is from my daughters latest school outing …the weather wasn’t great that day either but who cares when you have a drysuit and a cliff to jump off…..lol…completely nuts xx

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