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I'm in print...whaaaa!!!

OK so this sort of happened by accident. I was asked if i could do a inspirational postcard design and if i am honest its not really my forte so i was a little stumped. Anyway, one morning when the internet was out[haha] i took out my water colours and had a little doodle. I really didn't have a plan or know what i was doing but i always seen to draw love hearts when i doodle. I decided on a mended broken heart...at first i was going to use sticking plasters to mend the heart but some people are allergic to plasters[ i know i was just drawing them but ya know..haha] Then i thought about stitching your heart together one good memory at a time and realized that so much can be mended using some form of stitch[although not in my house as i can't sew at all] so decided on a simple stitch to mend a broken heart....everyone says awwww...lol. Anyway i was delighted when i just snapped the design to the organizer and she loved it...yay.

They are charity postcards and come in sets of 4 with envelopes...all for under £4 of which £1 will go to the Mind charity which is very close to my heart.

I would like to encourage you to go and buy some and support the charity and get some lovely little postcards to send to folk to cheer them up and let them know you are thinking of them or you could even do some art abandonment with them....that would be super fun....i may even do that myself.

To buy then go to conscious crafties: https://www.consciouscrafties.com/handmade-gifts/positive-postcards-designed-by-crafties-supports-mental-health-charity/

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