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The kids are back at school!!

Today is the day when the summer holidays finally come to an end. It comes around far too quickly for my liking,i love the relaxed effect that the holidays have on my household. As my children have got older and 2 have flown the nest[i have 2 left at home] its become more and more relaxing for me as mum. They basically look after themselves now which is bittersweet as i feel a bit like a spare part sometimes. With the back to school routine comes lots of great intentions on my part,no doubt there will be lists but will they get worked through? who knows. All i do know is i will try my best. I do know it wont end in a spotless house[i am not into cleaning at all!!] , It won't end up with me using my treadmill everyday...haha...unless you count hanging a damp towel over it to dry and it certainly won't mean the hours of 9am to 4pm will be super productive. It will however mean i will write lists of my goals and maybe if i am lucky i will cross one or two off a week. It will mean i will sit and binge watch a series on Netflix without feeling guilty for not doing something with the children and it will most certainly mean a little bit more crafting will be happening. Most of us parents have ideas of what they want to get done while the children are at school but i wonder how many of these things get accomplished? ..and i wonder how many of use beat ourselves up for not being superparent. I blame a lot of it on social media..we show our best selves online usually. For that split second that we post online we can be the perfect family with the perfect life....but life isn't like that,there are ups and downs even in the best families...please don't forget that.

Also today happens to be my birthday...yay...well actually not yay at all. For as long as i can remember i have hated birthdays and its nothing to do with getting older. I really don't like the attention of it all so i try to pass the day quietly and without fuss. My family are totally use to this now so the day goes by with a few cards and maybe a cake...but no singing or candles....i just cant bare it...anyone else feel like this on their birthday? or is it just me? I do however usually treat myself to something that i want rather than need....its on its way and i hope it comes in time....you can never tell with our post..haha...please read this weeks 'the weekly rant' for an in depth explanation of what i mean. I will share with you what i have bought myself when it comes as i hope its going to be the star of a new section of my website..all about products and pages i love....we shall see when it gets here though as i wont recommend something i am not 100% happy with...fingers crossed its lovely.

Anyway, whatever you are up to today try and have five minutes to sit and enjoy just being in the moment, we can all be guilty of living in the past or worrying about the future....let's just sit and be happy and thankful for what we have for five minutes today...and if that comes with cake and tea so much the better.

speak soon xx

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