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Sunny Sunday Dreaming.

Hi guys, Today we are blessed with a stunning Shetland sunny Sunday. We wont get many more of these now the nights are drawing in and the countdown to Christmas is starting. We have done so much in our garden this year that we are able to enjoy it on fine days. We are also in the process of building a wooden summer house type building from scratch...so far its just the digging out for the base. I have to admit i am very very impatient for it all to be done but i can't deny the other half a day off from it to relax on days like today. I hope to use part of the building for a craft workshop as i am fed up of having my craft supplies all over the house and having to clear it all away everyday is annoying and stopping me from me working on larger pieces. Anyway,this is only a short little post as i want to go and sit in the sunshine and soak in the vit D. 

Speak Soon xx

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