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My Imaginarium

this space is just for my ramblings about life and creating…why not join in. xx

My first post

hi guys, well,this is kinda new for me. I am trialing this website to see if i can cope with it all as i am tech challenged to say the least! Who would have thought that 2 of my children would go on to have degrees which include coding...haha. While i tentatively step into the world of computers and websites i will share the ups and downs and down right disasters here with you. 

Soooooo... lots of people have asked me how i came to decide on my craft name...i can tell you it was tricky. I first called myself felting is fun for a simple facebook page and if you look on my facebook page it still says natashas imaginarium @feltingisfun because yep,you've guessed it...i have no idea how to change it..haha. Felting is fun was set up so i could share and save my photos online, it was never intended as a selling platform at all but i was soon asked if things were for sale and that's how i started out[about 7 years ago now]

So for a while [a few years] i just stumbled along making felty things and selling them via my fb page using paypal for payments. My prices will always be low,i have a belief that everyone even those with limited means[like me] deserve to have nice, fun things and not just the basics! This is why i don't make money from my crafts and use every penny i make and more[sssh,don't hell my partner] to replenish my supplies and make more. After a while i started working with and exploring polymer clay. At first to use with my needle felted work but in the end i was creating all sorts of little whimsys with it so felting is fun as a name became a bit silly. That's when i decided to change the name but it was a long drawn out process as my heart was still with felting is fun and if i am honest with myself i had a bit of a following with that name and i was so worried that i would lose them,some of which i called my friends!!

In the end i came up with natashas imaginarium....i basically googled imagination and imaginarium came up, i didnt even know it was a real word but it is...here is the definition 

:An imaginarium refers to a place devoted to the imagination. There are various types of imaginaria, centers largely devoted to stimulating and cultivating the imagination, towards scientific, artistic, commercial, recreational, or spiritual ends.

This seemed to fit with what i wanted for a page and meant that i more or less post and create anything under this title...and it felt a little bit grown up which is something i need a lot of help with on most days ..haha. Thankfully when i changed my name i didn't lose anyone and they all came along for the ride which i was delighted about.

...And now i am onto my next adventure with this website, ok so i wont lie...there is a shop here which i hope will be used to sell my creations. The reason for it is because i am just so disillusioned with online selling platforms,some are too big and i struggle to be seen behind the  big boys and some are small with little or no promotion.[there is one group which is great,and i have made quite a few friends in,they are so supportive and i wouldn't want to lose them] These smaller ones are ok as you do get seen but you have to do all your own online promotion and i just thought why not spend that time doing my own personal promotion and trying to build up my following again....well, that is the plan anyway.

OK,that is quite enough rambling on for now...i can't wait to get to know everyone and make this place far more than just a shop....lets see what happens...it could be amazing 

speak soon xxx

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