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Shetland Sheep

Shetland Sheep


These Shetland sheep are needle felted with a polymer clay face. They vary in size as do the real things…some large and some small ranging between 3 and 4 inches long and between 2 and 3 inches fat.
All are needle felted by hand with a single needle using Shetland wool roving which is either natural or dyed. I also use lovely curly locks for the ‘sheepish’ look.
They are perfectly happy living by themselves but as with all sheep love to live in a herd and make for a great little collection…I have been known to come into them in a pyramid shape many a time.
Living and working in Shetland I see a lot of sheep but it struck me that they didn’t really represent the vibrancy of the Shetland culture. Shetland folk are colourful and so should the sheep be in my opinion…also on a personal note it would really help you to see them wandering across the road in the dark. haha.
These sheep can be made in almost any colour you like and will be made to order so please get in touch about colour choices…you could even have a mix of colours to match a football team[hahah…footballing sheep] or a rainbow.
IMPORTANT: These are collectable items for people 14 years and over and are not toys to be played with.

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