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Polymer Clay Shetland Vikings

Polymer Clay Shetland Vikings


I just love these little guys. They love travelling and are dotted all over the world now.
They are made from polymer clay and stood on a wooden base.
They stand around 3 to 4 inches and are all one of a kind fellows as unique as you and I.
You can choose colour of hair…I can pretty much do any colour combination you would like so go wild if you want.
You can also choose boy or girl.The boys have shortish hair and the girls have long hair in pigtails.
The colour of the body and eyes are potluck but drop me a line if you require something and if I have the colour or you can wait until I get it flown in[yep that’s right…haha…I live on a small remote island in Shetland]I will do my best to grant your wish.
Please get in touch to let me know what colours etc you would like.
These are not toys and as such are only sold and suitable for collectors 14years and over [that’s the legal bit done xxx]

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