Whimsical crafts handmade in the Shetland Isles

A little bit about me

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All about me.

Hi, my name is Natasha and welcome to my imaginarium. I'm a 40 something mother of four,designer maker living and creating magic in the stunning Shetland Isles, UK. Originally from Hertfordshire i pinged my family To Shetland after becoming a teeny bit disillusioned with our life 'south' and wanting to make a positive change for us all. Yes i know,it was a bit impulsive and we actually bought a house from the internet without ever seeing it in real life..in fact we had never even set foot on the isle but we needed the space so we moved lock stock and dog in six weeks from our offer being excepted...eeeek!!. This was a fresh start for us all and the hope of an 'easier' family work/life balance. 11+ years later we are still here so it looks like we made the right decision despite people telling me i was a crazy lady for doing it[ i am actually crazy but that is another story..haha].Life has had its ups and downs,its not all been plain sailing but Shetland has become home and for the most part its a perfect place to live. Although i have crafted my whole life i really got into it in the form of needle felting and clay work when i diagnosed with various mental health disorders...its really helped me to stay grounded and focused.I love to make magical,whimsical creations with needlefelt being my first love.I also make Shetland inspired things such as one of my best seller,the vikings! Who doesn't need a viking in their life? Am i right?? Selling my crafts happened by accident really and its just snowballed from there. I've never been a natural born seller but the thrill of someone parting with their hard earned cash to take home something you have made is something i will never tire of...it's the best boost there is.

Anyway,Have a little nosey around my website and let me know what you think. This website is a new adventure and i would love your input. 

                                  Bye for now,speak soon.

                                          Natasha xxx


1.I love sloths,they are my spirit animal..haha

2.I love love love my own company but get lonely when i'm on my own[weird ..right?]  

3.I once thought syfy was called skyfi as i thought it was called that because aliens come from the sky[omg..how silly am i]

4.I'm a little bit obsessed with dinosaurs and Jurassic park films[the new one is amazing btw]

5.I love badges,pin,brooches and i have a little collection which will only get bigger.

6.As a child i lived in bright red wellington boots,even in the summer..i still love red now...but not in wellies !!